2nd Annual GOSS Meeting
organized by
Emirates Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Interest Group
The 2nd Annual Meeting of EOMSIG
The 6th SKMC Cleveland Clinic Obesity Symposium
3rd Kuwait Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Conference
The 2nd Annual Meeting for the Saudi Arabian Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
10-13 December 2014, Raffles Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Scientific Program
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Call for Abstracts

Researchers, scientists and clinicians are invited to submit abstracts for inclusion in the scientific program of the 2nd Annual GOSS Meeting.

Important Dates

Abstract submission opens 7th May 2014
Abstract submission deadline 15th September 2014
Abstract notification date 30th September 2014
Early bird registration deadline 30th Sept 2014
Deadline for authors to register for the conference 14th October 2014

Abstract Themes

Abstract submitters will be classified under a specific theme for review and program purposes. Authors are requested to select the topic under which their abstracts belong:

Abstract Categories

Abstract submitters will be requested to be classify whether their abstracts should be presented as:

Guidelines for Abstract Submission


All abstracts must be submitted in English using the online submission form on the GOSS 2014 website. NOTE: Abstracts submitted by email, fax or post will NOT be accepted. The meeting organizers will not accept responsibility for any abstracts that have not been properly submitted according to the instructions.


Corresponding authors must provide the organizers with their full mailing address, office hours phone number, fax number and email address.

Author and co-author information must be provided including the first and last names of all authors, their department, institution/ hospital, city, state if applicable and country.

Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to determine whether a submission is accepted as an oral, video or a poster presentation and its decision is final.The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts for grammar and clarity.

The abstract may be scheduled for presentation on any day from 11-13 December.

Abstract Format


Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentations

Abstracts accepted as oral presentations will be given 15 minutes of presentation, including three minutes for question and answer session. Presenters will be requested to submit their powerpoint presentations saved on a CD, DVD or memory sticks (using the USB port in the computer) and uploaded in the Speakers’ Ready Room at least two hours before the start of your session. If you have a video embedded on your powerpoint presentation, please check that the video file works properly in the hall where your presentation is taking place during a break immediately prior to your session even after you checked in in the Speakers’ Ready Room.

The meeting rooms will be equipped with PC-based laptops.

Macintosh users should make sure that they have converted their presentation files to formats that are compatible with PC computers. Please read the instructions furnished below before submitting your presentation to the meeting organizers:

  1. Use these fonts as other fonts may change to a default font on a powerpoint-based PC: Arial; Times New Roman, Verdana.
  2. Insert photos that are JPG files. Please note that images saved as TIF, PNG or PICT will not be visible on a powerpoint-based PC.
  3. Use AVI, MPG and WMV files as MOV files from QuickTime will not be visible on a powerpoint-based PC.

Video Presentations

Abstracts accepted as video presentations will be given 15 minutes of presentation, including three minutes for question and answer session. Presenters will be requested to submit their video presentations in MPG, AVI, and WMV formats.

Please note that VHS Video projection, 35 mm’ slide projection and overhead projection (projection of transparencies) will not be available.

Poster Format

Display boards for poster exhibition will be provided on-site. Poster panel's usablesize: 2223mm (Height) X 970mm (Width). Please prepare your A0 size poster in PORTRAIT layout. You are required to develop, print, and bring along the poster to the venue for mounting onto the poster board. For legibility, a minimum font size of 28 points and a maximum of 600 words on each poster are recommended. Double-sided tape will be provided to mount your poster.

* If you have any problem submitting your abstract through the online system, please contact the Secretariat at goss2014@mci-group.com for assistance.